i22 Digital Agency

Founded in 2015 and always evolving, i22 is a dynamic digital creative company that provides a range of services to clients across South Africa.

As a fairly new company, we understand the needs of companies of all sizes including start-ups and home-based businesses. We endeavour to tailor our packages to clients’ requirements and budget. For us, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all package.

Our growing and efficient team comprises of designers, photographers, strategists, developers, social media and marketing specialists and digital technicians, amongst other growth-hacking experts. We are positioned to exclusively meet all your marketing needs, from social media to outdoor advertising.

Our processes are based on constant communication and collaboration, with emphasis placed on quality, teamwork, reliability, productivity, cooperation and punctuality. Having a client-centric view ensures that we enjoy successful partnerships with a wide client base.

Our existing client list includes large-scale enterprises and established businesses as well as start-up companies and independent entrepreneurs. While i22 works is Johannesburg-based, we also service clients across the country, providing the same services across the board.

In-house team

i22 bring together experts of various backgrounds under one roof to meet your unique needs.

Understanding unique needs

We understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Your brand requires personal touches all the way.

Ethics and values

We implement fundamental ethics and values that will improve consumer confidence in the integrity of your brand.


Our Partners